BALLON D'OR: Cristiano Ronaldo.

From riches to rags – football’s widening wealth gap


5. april 2017


There is Cristiano Ronaldo and his millions and Gloire Mbidi and his handful of dollars — and the gap between football’s have and have-nots is widening.

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Ronaldo reportedly earns about $45 a minute every day just from his Real Madrid deal. Fellow striker Mbidi has no contract or salary from his Democratic Republic of Congo team AC Real de Kinshasa.

«I do get $25 for each match we win,» the 26-year-old told AFP.

«But if there is a draw or loss, I get nothing.»

Mbidi goes training twice a day for the African side and gets about 79 US cents travelling costs for each session.

«In 2008 and 2009 we were the champions, but still only got the $25, not a penny more,» he said.

FIFPro, the international players union, said that Mbidi’s case is the rule more than the exception.

According to a study of 14,000 players in 54 countries it released in November, about 41 percent of football professionals do not get a salary and 45 percent earn less than $1,000 a month.

«The enormous salaries are a tiny minority,» said FIFPro spokesman Alex Duff.

«Believing that most footballers live a life of luxury is like saying that most actors are Hollywood stars.»

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